Daniel Silver Exhibited at The Saatchi Gallery

Daniel Silver
Woman on The Mountain, Woman in The Mountain, Head in The Mountain


Plaster, Wood, and Found Material

Dimensions variable

Daniel Silver’s Woman On The Mountain... is comprised of three sculptures, each one dealing with the formal possibilities of materials. The wooden figures in the work originated as African sculptures which, along with his table bases, were bought from a roadside flea market in Jaffa, Israel; this ethos of recycling or reusing objects to make them his own is integral to his work. By carving figures from the totems, Silver imprints a new identity on existing objects, overlapping his own narratives onto readymade history. Each sculpture is conceived as both an environment and a body.

Daniel Silver


Marble, wood, paint

166 x 27 x 33 cm

Drawing from his interest in mythology, Silver’s sculptures convey a sense of timelessness; through their classic aesthetic and illusive narratives, his works engage with the cyclical qualities of history as departure points for making. Untitled was made while working in Italy. The Roman Empire modelled itself on ancient Greece, and its gods and sculptural styles were appropriated from Golden Age civilisation. Untitled poses a marble bust atop a painted wooden plinth, which is in fact a section of beam reclaimed from an old barn in France. With its smooth head and rough hewn ‘body’, the sculpture abstractly takes on animalistic form; a modern-day satyr rendered from layered global histories.

Daniel Silver


Marble, wood, plaster on wheels

144 x 101 x 81 cm

Silver’s white marble figures are made from discarded sculptures found in Pietrasanta, Carrara. In the area’s quarries and workshops, artisans carve marble sculptures based on classical works; borrowing from this tradition, the slightly contorted appearance of Silver’s marble figures is the result of his carving a new sculpture into the shape of another. This idea of evolution or interconnection is important to his work. “How we live and perceive the world isn’t so different from 1000 years ago,” he explains. This sense of rhythmic or mystical continuity is found in Untitled. A mythological figure, half bird or half human, lies child-like upon an altar, a humble deity or sacred offering, looking wondrously down upon the world.

Daniel Silver


Marble, wood, plaster, paint

214 x 69 x 52 cm

For centuries Carrera’s famous marble quarries have provided the highest quality stone for great masterpieces such as Michelangelo’s David; this place was both a practical and conceptual inspiration for Silver. During his stay there, Silver learned stone-carving from contemporary masters, and Untitled is one of his first attempts. Slightly awkward and disproportioned – a result of the stone’s original sculpted form rather than his newly learnt skills – the portrait’s subtle flaws accentuate its fragile beauty. Perched on a plinth that crudely replicates the columns of classical Roman architecture, the figure becomes ‘housed’ in, and an embodiment of, a structure denoting her patrician repose. By juxtaposing materials of high and low value and radically differing tactility Silver creates a sensual tension in his work that bridges the exotic and familiar.

Daniel Silver


Black marble, textiles, re-claimed wood

178 x 45 x 45 cms

Silver’s most recent creations don’t rework existing sculptures, but rather use natural materials. In Untitled, the ‘head’ is a piece of black and gold Portoro marble; the base is made from found wood, and the ‘kerchief’ is assembled from collectable fabrics. These organic media each exemplify a certain ideal of perfection. The raw forces of the elements, sublime craftsmanship, or the simple beauty of utilitarian planks each contribute to a notion of value that is based neither in commerce nor aesthetics, but rather in an animistic quality in their physical matter. Untitled emits a sense of profound knowledge from within its modest material form.

Daniel Silver


onyx , fabric, steel

140 x 45 x 45 cms

Similar to the way Silver personalises his plinths to create narrative environments for his sculptures, Untitled is given character and purpose through its ‘wardrobe’. Made from onyx and steel garbed in fabric, Silver’s Untitled stands as a kind of ‘sculpture incognito’: it wears its assembled parts like a costume. Untitled is an abstract composition in its own right, however, its formal qualities are emulated by the suggestion of role, plot, or story. Its geometrical base of polished steel conveys all the mysticism of an ancient obelisk and the utopian future-monuments of modernism. Capped with a meteoric mass of onyx and sporting a rather fetching poncho, its design elegance is comically transformed into a character from another time.

Daniel Silver
Untitled (Woman)


Marble, wood, plaster, paint

161 x 54 x 53 cm

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Daniel Silver's Biography

Daniel Silver
1972 Born in London
Lives and works in London


MA Fine Art Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London

BA (hons) Fine Art, Slade School of Fine Art, University College London


Rock Formations, Art Basel Parcours, Antikenmuseum, Basel
Rock Formations, Frith Street Gallery, London
Roundabout Mouth, OMR Gallery, Mexico City

Dig, Artangel, London

Museo Carlo Zauli, Faenza
Galleria Suzy Shammah, Milan

Letting Go, AMP, Athens
Coming Together, Kunsthaus Glarus, Glarus

The Smoking Silver Father Figures, Frieze Sculpture Park, London

Solo Show, Frieze Art Fair, London, UK
Cabinets #4: Daniel Silver, SE8, London, UK
Lionz in Zion, Galleria Suzy Shammah, Milan, Italy

Making Something Your Own, IBID PROJECTS, London
The Monks, Ancient & Modern, London

Heads, Camden Arts Centre, London
Demos, Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland

Daniel Silver, Galleria Suzy Shammah, Milan, Italy

Daniel Silver, Pescali & Sprovieri Gallery, London

Pailot Project, Gropiusstat, Berlin, Germany
The Buddha and the Chaise Longue, Tal Esther Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Cake Snake, Sprovieri Gallery, London

Galleri s.e, Bergen, Norway


The Materiality of the Invisible, Van Eyck Academy, Maastricht
Summer Breeze: An Ensemble of Gallery Artists, Frith Street Gallery, London
Gestalt, Hydra School Projects, Hydra

With Institutions Like These…, The Averard Hotel, London

Plaster: Casts & Copies, The Hepworth, Wakefield, West Yorkshire
A Statue is Present, The Royal College of Psychiatrists, London
Contemporary Drawings, Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge

Who Shall Deliver Us From the Greeks and Romans?, Galleri Manâ, Istanbul
A Thousand Doors, curated by Whitechapel Gallery and NEON (Gennadius
Library), Athens

Everything Wants To Run, Block 336, London
In Search of a Perfect Lover, Inga gallery, Tel Aviv

Dustcather, Braverman Gallery Tel- Aviv
Who’s Been Here, Bukowskis, Stockholm

We Will Live, We Will See, Zabludowicz Collection, London
Among Flesh, Alison Jacques Gallery, London
Savage Messiah, Rob Tufnell at 1 Sutton Lane, London
British Sculpture: Landscape in Sculpture as Object, Connaught Brown
Gallery, London
Self-Similar/seen somewhere else at the same time, curated by George
Unsworth, Galerie de Expeditie, Amsterdam

No New Thing Under the Sun, The Royal Academy, Tenant Room, London
Sensitivity Questioned (curated by Iliana Fokianaki) Ileana Tounta
Contemporary Art Center, Athens
Head, The Approach Gallery, London
The Cannibal’s Muse (curated by Max Henry), Patricia Low Gallery, Gstaad,
New Speak: British art now, Saatchi gallery, London (exh. cat.)
Profusion, (curated by Sotiris Kyriacou and John Plowman) Calke Abbey,
Derbyshire (exh. cat.)
Ibrido, Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea, Milan (exh. cat.)
Supernature: an exercise in loads (curated by Rallou Panagiotor and Andreas
Melas), AMP Gallery, Athens
Psychic Geography, Work place Gallery, Gateshead
Family Tree II, New Acquisitions donated by the Rivka Saker and Uzi
Zucker fund for Contemporary Art, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, Tel Aviv
Musuem, Tel Aviv (exh. cat.)

Newspeak: British Art Now, State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia;
Saatchi Gallery, London, UK *
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Wakefield, UK

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Boys Craft, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa, Israel (exh. cat.)
Strange Weight, Martos Gallery, New York, USA
Out, Still & Kicking, Givon Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Getting on Mother’s Nerves, Mother’s Tank Station, Dublin, Ireland
Sleep of Ulro, A Foundation, Liverpool
Heads: Jimmie Durham, Tim Hawkinson, Ilya Kabakov, Jannis Kounells, Mike Nelson and others Pescalli & Sprovieri, London
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Ten of the Best, Tal Esther Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Israel Museum of Art, Jerusalem, Israel (exh. cat.)

London in Zurich, Hauser & Wirth, Zurich, Switzerland. Curated by Gregor
Muir (exh. cat.)
WE, Eline Mcgeorge, Daniel Silver, Neues Problem Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Both of Them, Moshe Gershuni, Daniel Silver, Givon Gallery; Tal Esther Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
30+, Neues Problem Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Bloomberg Art School, Bloomberg Space, London
25 Drawings - 25 Artists, The Drawing Gallery, London
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Free Beer, Shooting Gallery, London
A Big Deal, Big Issue HQ, London